Victorian Photographs
These photographs were taken on the Isle of Wight (and Southampton) by Lucy Trueman and friends and relations probably between about 1880 and 1901. Most were contained in a large album and were very faded, but thanks to scanning they can be viewed. In most cases they have not been cleaned up much, if you want to work with the photographs, ask us for a larger scan file. E-Mail Martin

These photos were scanned from a album belonging to Lucy Jane Beatrice Trueman (1876-1933) and some or all may have been taken by her boyfriend Paul Bribosia, who may have been Belgian and was probably a keen photographer. He left for New Zealand in 1897. Three different cameras are visible in the various photographs, and it is clear that Bertha her sister at least took photos.

There seem to be two types of photos in the album. The large rather formal pictures about "8 x 6" obviously carefully taken on large medium (plate camera?) and the informal family pictures usually about "4 x 3". Most of the smaller ones are quite faded, and needed some work to make them easily viewable. Most are very detailed, so I have retained quite large images so it is possible to zoom in on these to look at details. The first two groups on this site involve Ventnor and Sandown/Shanklin. The Trueman sisters lived at Ventnor so it dominates the album. There are many more photographs not included here and some will be added as time goes by. Some can be compared to Brannon's engravings in the Prints section.


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