Victorian Life

Ventnor Isle of Wight

These picture give us a glimpse into late Victorian Life on the Isle of Wight for those with enough wealth to live comfortably.

Walking, reading striking poses

Completely posed and gothic

The pier was always popular and the Esplanade

Walking seemed to require carrying a stick as a fashion accessory:

On the way to Ventnor Park. In Bonchurch

On the Beach eating chocolate? or just lounging about

or riding bicycles.

And here we see their photographic apparatus

Big camera Bigger

Smaller box camera - and cameras on tripods.

And the entertainments:

Minstrel show outside the 'Montrose' on the Esplanade, Ventnor.

The Sea

A trip round the Isle of Wight

Canoeing at Ventnor or bigger boat:

And a sad trip on the Ryde ferry to say goodbye:


Not all at arms length

Picnic for two

Serenade with banjo.